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Butler Buildings

Butler Buildings

"Of the host of existing buildings that I’ve purchased, I can't tell you what those buildings cost, but I can tell you which have roofs that leak. Price is a one-time event; roof leaks go on forever."
— John Westheimer

Butler Manufacturing Company is a leader in the engineering, design, and production of systems and components for low-rise, nonresidential structures. Its products and services are provided within the commercial, community, industrial, and agricultural markets.

Founded in 1901, Butler currently operates manufacturing, engineering, and service centers throughout the United States and 11 foreign countries. The Building Systems segment, the company's largest segment, is involved in the design, manufacture, marketing, and sale of steel frame pre-engineered building systems.

Butler has pioneered many new products and concepts, challenging preconceived notions of the limitations of pre-engineered buildings. For example, in the 1970s, Butler extended the long-term value of buildings by making them virtually weathertight. Totally waterproof double lock roof seams with expansion and contraction provision, and insulated purlins, not only added to the durability of the structure, but also aided in energy conservation. Butler also came out with new building systems that defied traditional ideas about pre-engineering, such as Multi-Story, Long Span, and the distinct look of Landmark. Today's Butler building is about flexibility and options.

Butler Manufacturing Company's strategy is to be the value and service leader for building systems, specialty components, and construction services for nonresidential construction customers.

As a Butler Career Builder, CCC is proud to offer its customers the best metal buildings in the industry.

Click here to watch John Westheimer discuss the reasons why CCC is a Butler Builder!


Click here to watch the Spring 2011 Butler commercial! Learn how you can benefit from the power of a local Butler Builder® combined with an international manufacturer of pre-engineered metal building systems.

Click here to watch a video of CCC winning the 2010 Butler Builder of the Year Award!

Click here to watch an excerpt of one of the Annual CCC and Butler Training Classes!

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Watch John Westheimer (Cincinnati Commercial Contracting) and Rick Deller (All American Building Co.) discuss and demonstrate the benefits of Butler's superior roofing systems in this series of YouTube videos!


  1. CCC Intro
  2. Why CCC
  3. Butler Training
  4. Pre-Punch
  5. Expand & Contract
  6. Butler Screws
  7. Butler Roof System
  8. Walk your Roof
  9. Caulk
  10. Gutters
  11. Skylights
  12. Staggered Panel & Lapse
  13. Mini Building Sample
  14. Roof Clips
  15. Roof Panel
  16. Attaching 2nd Roof Panel
  17. Seaming Roof Panels
  18. Screw Bolts


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