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Cincinnati 25-Year Metal Re-Roof Solution

  • It's Like Getting a New Building.
  • 25-Year Labor & Material Warranty.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency.
  • Fast, Easy, and Low Cost.
  • CCC Has Extensive Experience.
  • Your Solution Is Just One Phone Call Away.

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High Profile Metal Over Metal MR-24 Roof System

Diagram of Metal-Over-Metal MR-24 Roof System used by Cincinnati Commercial Contracting for Re-Roof Work


Benefits of a Butler Re-Roof

1. Longevity

Butler Standing Seam Roofs have been in place for 40 years. Recent surveys confirm that these roofs can withstand decades of harsh sun rays, heavy rains, snow, ice and extreme temperatures without requiring any major maintenance, much less replacement. Twenty-year-old surveyed roofs were projected to last well into the future.

2. Durability

Re-Roof workers installing the MR-24 Roof System to repair a damaged roof

Butler roof systems are engineered to last. Constantly changing temperatures cause a roof to expand and contract thousands of times each year. While this action can rack and pull apart many ordinary roofs, Butler roof systems are specifically engineered to allow for this natural thermal movement and provide long-term weather-tight performance. Wind and weather are no match for a Butler roof system.

It is like having a new building!

3. Affordability

Many people are surprised to discover that the Butler long-term solution is comparable in price to many short-term fixes.

4. Complete System Design

Your roof is only as good as its weakest detail or component. With Butler Roof Systems, every aspect of your roof — from ridge to eaves, trims and flashings, interior or exterior drainage, roof openings and accessories — has been designed to work in unison to form a total system that provides an overall protective shield.

5. Reliability

The worldwide leader in metal roof systems, Butler Manufacturing introduced the modern standing seam roof in 1969. Since that time, the MR-24 roof system has been installed on well over two billion square feet of buildings all over the world.

6. 25-Year Warranty

Stop leaks for 40 years. Guaranteed for 25 years (labor & materials). Click here for a sample copy of both the Butler and CCC 25-year warranties.

For a damaged roof in need of repair, the MR-24 Roof System is the best re-roofing solution available

OKI Bering on Princeton-Glendale Road in Cincinnati needed a re-roof of 200,000 square feet without business disruption.

OKI Bering chose a Butler MR-24® metal-over-metal high-profile standing seam roof with a 3" layer of un-faced fiberglass batt insulation between the existing and new roof. This re-roof work will provide significant long-term energy savings. It was installed in 6 weeks during the winter months.

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Check out this YouTube video to watch Nick Eveland of Cincinnati Commercial Contracting discuss the benefits of metal-over-metal re-roofing using Butler's superior roofing systems!