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MR-24® Roof System — The World’s Finest Roof System

Why is a roof so important?

If you have a building, chances are it has a roof. And the only reason you have a roof is to provide a stable environment in which to perform your business.

Leaks and faulty roofs are very costly. A leaky roof will damage products, interrupt work flow and generally disrupt business. When you consider what your time is worth, a building with a leaky roof at any cost will always cost more than a weather-tight structure.

The roof receives 95% of your building’s wear and tear. It gets the rain, snow, sleet, pollution, heat and cold. It gets much more wear and tear from the natural elements than the walls, foundation or any other external surfaces. If it is compromised, so is the stability of your building’s environment, and that's why a structure's roof is the most important part of the design.

Why Metal?

There are many good reasons that most commercial buildings use metal roofs:

  • Metal roofs are more durable than rubber membrane and built-up roofs,
  • Metal is cost-effective,
  • Metal is lightweight,
  • Metal is flexible, and
  • Metal is malleable.

In situations where low life-cycle cost and simple roof design are needed, a metal roof is preferable. This is why they are so prevalent on big warehouses and factories. These are usually big simple roof expanses where low maintenance is necessary.

Of all the cost-effective materials, aluminized steel has emerged as the product of choice for metal roofing.

The Strength of the MR-24

There are two basic types of metal roofs: fasten-through (also known as screw-down roof), and standing seam.

The fasten-through roof is a metal roof that is screwed down to the roof structure using screws as mechanical fasteners. It has a lower cost than standing seam. But it also has the disadvantages of many small screw holes and limited expansion and contraction. More wear on the fasteners’ holes give rain and sun just the opening it needs.

The Butlerib II roof system, Butler's own fasten-through system, is the most highly engineered, highest quality fasten-through roof available. It uses slots for the screws to facilitate expansion and contraction. It is the only fasten-through roof that has the option of a weather-tightness warranty.

A standing seam roof is a metal roof that fastens to a structure without holes or penetrations. A standing seam roof acts like a single steel membrane to protect your building.

The Butler MR-24 standing seam roof has many advantages. The greatest advantage is the fact that there are the fewest possible penetrations. The roof is fastened to the structure using a mechanical seaming tool known as a "no-clip seamer." This tool bends the metal and forms the final shape and connects to the structure without penetrating the roof.

Fewer holes in a roof mean fewer leaks. The MR-24 roof is able to expand and contract a full 2 1/2" without placing any stress on the structure. This means that the building lasts longer.

To put this in perspective, in CCC's market area, a 125' wide roof will expand and contract 1 5/8" on a typical summer day! A roof that does not have the engineered protections of the MR-24, will not expand and contract enough or in the right way.

The Butler Guarantee

A Butler MR-24 standing seam roof has the longest lifespan of any roof on the market. There are many documented cases of this roof lasting 30 to 40 years. The next best roof life is rubber membrane with a 10- to 15-year life. There are cases of rubber membrane and asphalt roofs lasting longer than 15 years, but the maintenance costs become very high.

Using a complete system that ensures quality workmanship and a superior product, Butler offers the:

  • Longest life,
  • Lowest life-cycle cost,
  • Lowest maintenance, and

Most trouble-free roof for which an owner could ask.

The Butler MR-24 standing seam roof is truly an excellent product of superior engineering and manufacturing practices.

Engineered Protections Are Built Into The Butler MR-24 Roof:

  • Pre-punching. This assures alignment giving straight seams so that roof can expand and contract without structural stress
  • Staggered end lap splices.
  • Endlaps over purlins.
  • Maintained seamers. These seamers cannot be purchased. They are rented and returned to Butler every three months for maintenance and calibration
  • Superior connections. The connection clip between the roof and the building has stainless steel tabs and other engineered high strength parts designed to give the owner a long-term trouble-free, water-tight environment.

To learn more about how a Butler MR-24 Standing Seam Roof System can help your business, contact John Westheimer today.

"Think about it: 95% of what happens to your building happens on the roof, so make sure you have the best roof ever!"
— John Westheimer

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Consider two extreme building examples of the importance of environmental stability: an auto-recycling business and a silicon chip producer. The auto-recycling business stores most of its inventory out in the weather (no stabilization), but the salvaged parts must be stored in a warehouse to prevent premature deterioration. This warehouse environment is not demanding. It may not be heated, is rarely air-conditioned, and might not need a great roof. However, the silicon chip producer must have a highly stabilized environment, where temperatures are regulated, the area is dry, and even dust particles must be controlled.

Only the best roof can ensure your building’s environmental stability, and that’s why you need Butler’s MR-24 roof system!

Why Butler Seams Excel

Roof panels are permanently seamed together with a full 360° "Pittsburgh" double lock seam to keep moisture out. A heavy-duty, roll-forming machine called the Roof Runner® performs the seaming process.

Superior Roof Clips

Roof clips securely attach the roof panels to the supporting structurals by stainless steel tabs that are roll-formed into the panel seam. Stainless steel tabs are over 50% stronger than other standing seam tabs.

The clip design allows for 1 1/4" of movement in either direction to accommodate expansion and contraction forces. This permits building up to 500 feet wide without the need for special expansion joints.

The Benefits of Preparation

Every connection - purlins, eaves, end splices, ridges and flashings - is precisely pre-punched at the factory to ensure proper alignment and safe expansion/contraction allowance when the roof is erected.

Durable Coating

The MR-24 roof system is available in 22 and 24 gage aluminum/zinc coated steel. The coating is Butler-Cote® 500 FP (a fluoropolymer containing 70% Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® resin).

Additional Information

The MR-24 roof system has a U.L. Class 90 wind lift rating, and it includes a complete line of custom accessories (seamed-in curbs, stainless steel gutters, etc.) designed to fit perfectly with the MR-24 system, ensuring its structural integrity.

Kynar 500® is a registered trademark of Elf Atochem North America, Inc. Hylar 500® is a trademark of Ausimont USA, Inc.