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Types of Cranes Available

We offer a diverse set of workstation cranes, single girder and double girder cranes, runways and monorails, as well as the innovative telescoping bridge crane.

Workstation Cranes

Our workstation cranes offer smooth-as-silk performance due to their ergonomic low-effort movement. Constructed using pre-engineered free standing support structures and a variety of available standard ceiling suspensions, the workstation crane can has a one quarter to five ton capacity.

Single Girder Cranes

Single girder cranes are available in both top-running and under-hung dual motor drive. Our single girder cranes also offer standard soft-start, single-speed bridge controls and have a capacity up to fifteen tons. Two-speed, VFD and radio controls, as well as electric chain or wire rope hoist/trolleys, are optional. All cranes include independently traveling pendant station and yellow strobe light.

Runways and Monorails

Our runway and monorail cranes are available in both top-running and under-hung configurations. Spanning up to seventy feet - in your choice of free standing, semi-free standing & ceiling mount - these cranes can handle capacities from one quarter to thirty tons. Foundations (if needed) are designed and engineered specifically for your application.

Double Girder Cranes

Double girder cranes can be configured as either top-running or under-hung and can accommodate capacities up to 30 tons. These cranes come standard with two speed VFD bridge controls, wire rope hoists, independently traveling pendant station and yellow strobe lights. Walkways, radio control and below hook devices are optional.

Telescoping Bridge Cranes

Telescoping bridge cranes extend into areas beyond the reach of a standard crane, including machine openings and adjacent workstations. To absorb the loadings realized from the 9'-0" cantilever of a 6,000 lb. load we provide 3:1 over-sizing of various crane and support steel components. Safety features include automatic speed deceleration, movement lockout, and indicator lights.

Quick Facts

  • Matched Engineering provides you with maximum utilization of your workforce, improved productivity, and offers a safer work environment.

  • CCC offers extensive site evaluation; providing innovative solutions customized to your needs.

  • CCC's crane buildings are cost-effective: fabricated with rigorous attention to detail, delivered on time and on budget.

  • All cranes, runway and monorail systems and structural components are designed to CMAA and AISC specifications.