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We contacted CCC out of desperation. We had grown out of our current location and needed to either build new or buy/remodel. CCC came to the rescue. A meeting was set up immediately. First impressions were stellar. We were taken in like family and cared for with deep respect and empathy. From day one we felt 100% secure in CCC's ability to create our dream building. Every promise came true and the timeliness of the move in date was right on. TRUST. We trust CCC. If we had to do it again, we'd call CCC. When you get involved in such large projects, everything counts. They made sure we were 100% delighted with every single decision. BTW...We ended up buying and remodeling. The compliments keep flowing. The previous property owner stopped in after 1.5 years and was blown away. He loved what Beverly International and the CCC Team did with his old place!!! Thanks everyone!!
Roger and Sandy Riedinger, Beverly International Nutrition  –  12/18/14, 03:11 PM
When I met with the CCC team I had a pretty good idea of what I thought I needed. The real nice thing was their team built on that knowledge and they educated me on several things that I was unaware of and they knew I would either need them right away or in the very near future. Well they were correct. I really appreciated them being forward thinkers and helping me through this process. They built us a beautiful building that is structurally sound and we are saving significant dollars on our utilities due to the high quality of the CCC building. How many owners of construction companies get up on the roof with you as part of the final inspection!!! None that I know of. We could not be happier or more satisfied with the experience from start to finish and we are planning another project as we speak. Proud to call the folks at CCC my friends.
Jeff Lecklider, Gem City Tire  –  10/13/14, 03:12 PM
I am most impressed with how quickly CCC escalated any problem during the construction phase or during the warrantee period to the top of their organization and forces all parties to address these issues quickly. Their follow-up during the warrantee period has been excellent- predictable (every quarter) and effectively resolving the issues we encountered.
Kimball Lombardi, Hardy Diagnostics  –  01/02/14, 07:10 PM
When a project goes well, stays within or under budget and is completed on schedule, who can complain? That is not what happened in our case, which is why I feel very comfortable in recomending CCC for building your structure or facility. We had one of the worst communication fowlups I have ever heard of handeled in the most professional and courteous manner. Believe it or not when it was all over I was almost happy about it, due to CCC getting us a 5 year extended warranty on our Cranes. I have said it myself; its easy to judge a company when things are going well, how are they when the chips are down? I can answer that question and CCC is on a very short list of "Good" contractors in my book!
Douglas L. Sayre, Allied Technical Services, Inc.  –  12/26/13, 02:05 PM
The CCC team led us efficiently through the design and build portion of our plant expansion. We were able to come in at very near budget and now have precisely what we wanted and they promised. The few problems we encountered during and after moving in have been resolved willingly, promptly and thoroughly. I was especially satisfied with the on-site superintendent and post construction service.
Steve Barnett, Indy Honeycomb  –  10/09/13, 04:12 PM

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