Facility & Warehouse Construction

CCC uses its extensive experience in construction engineering to fully manage your building project from top to bottom. CCC maximizes the success of a productive collaboration with its customers, while minimizing unnecessary involvement. We use extensive quality control methods and keep the lines of communication open throughout the building process. 

CCC will deliver your building on time and fully operational. Whether it is tilt-wall, pre-cast, crane or metal building, our relationships with highly qualified specialty contractors provides access to informed pricing, skilled expertise and unparalleled quality to get the job done right.

Providing The Best Products For Your Business

We know that you work hard to grow your business, and the CCC team works with you to make sure your building is built to the highest standards for efficiency for decades to come.

“Cincinnati Commercial Contracting recently built a 127,000 square foot manufacturing facility for Usui International Corporation. In order to meet some of our customer requirements, we needed to install some manufacturing equipment before the building was 100% completed, therefore making the schedule very tight. I cannot say enough about the work that the CCC team did to meet our schedule, allowing us to meet our customer schedule and requirements.”

— Dennis Chiu
VP of Usui International Corporation

Experience In Your Industry

Cincinnati Commercial Contracting has worked with customers on a broad range of projects, including:

• Distribution Centers• Crane Buildings
• Manufacturing• Butler Buildings
• Office & Warehouse• Laboratory
• Value Flex Space• Metal Over Metal Re-roof

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