Meet Jenna Martini

Jenna Martini, seated in middle, talking business at a CCC hosted Young Brokers Happy Hour.

Commercial real estate is a dynamic business, and it takes a very dynamic person to be in control of the pace of commercial development activity in Greater Cincinnati. Jenna Martini, CCC’s Business Development Director, is just that person.

A native of Cincinnati, Jenna learned her work ethic from a young age – she had her own paper route, mowed lawns and baby sat until she was old enough to get a “real” job as a waitress. After Jenna graduated from University of Kentucky (Go Cats!) with a Bachelors of Architecture she headed to Miami University to earn her Masters of Architecture. While there, she landed a co-op position with a design build general contractor and found her passion.

“I was meant to end up working for a Design-Build General Contractor/Developer. I’ve been with CCC for four years, and I love my job.”

Jenna’s first role with CCC was as the BIM/VR Director, and she helped us hone that process to create an amazing tool for our clients. Her ability to connect with business owners made her the perfect candidate for her current role: Business Development Director.

“The best part of my job is working right alongside the clients. It might sound simple, but having the opportunity to help business owners and their teams on a consistent basis is extremely rewarding to me.”

Jenna is a stickler for details, which is a critical asset in our industry. Her credibility with clients helps them find the right location and the right setup for their business. It really is all about developing strong relationships.

Trust Matters

“Teresa M. Anderson, MD has expanded three times with CCC and it has been an incredible experience to build quite the relationship with a client. We have reached a point in our business partnership where Teresa calls and says “Jenna, I need to expand.” We get together; she tells me what she needs; CCC builds the project out; and, she expands into the additional space. It’s been a real pleasure to support clients like Teresa in their expansions, to make it fun and easy for clients, and to be their go-to general contractor and developer.”

Jenna’s curiosity about the growth and development around the Cincinnati region lets her check out what’s new and exciting, and Jenna loves to check out the restaurant scene.

When she isn’t working with clients, Jenna spends time with her large extended family, cooking, hanging out with her dog and…cleaning! That eye for detail makes cleaning a pleasure rather than a chore!

Jenna and the CCC team are all here to help business owners. When we help you find the best location, design the best plans and build the best building, you can focus on building your dream business.

Connect with Jenna today.