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More Than Business, It’s A Friendship

Joe Heimbrock, GM, Rush Truck Centers

When Joe Heimbrock, GM at Rush Truck Centers in Cincinnati, decided to build a new state-of-the-art truck facility to replace an aging building he did what many of us do: he asked trusted colleagues for referrals. CCC had recently completed a Gem City Tires facility and the team there quickly suggested that Joe contact John Westheimer and the CCC team.

Joe said the CCC team was great to work with, and he too offers high recommendations. In fact, Joe says working with CCC was “more than business, it’s a friendship.” Take a look at our video to hear for yourself.

This Is No Ordinary Box

You’ve heard the saying “Think outside the box” but that does not apply to Climb Time Oakley. The exterior, a Butler metal building, is remarkable because of it’s strength and adaptability, and it was the perfect choice for Climb Time.

While the outside of the building may look a bit plain, the action is definitely all on the inside! The CCC team built a climbing paradise that will serve Climb Time for decades. We will be sharing more details including video soon.

*Butler Manufacturing has designated CCC as a Career Builder, a designation bestowed on Butler Builders that have demonstrated total competence in the areas of Marketing, Construction Capability, Professional Design Services, Sound Business Management, Adequate Financial Resources, High Local Reputation and Career Dedication. As a Career Builder, CCC shares an added responsibility with Butler Manufacturing, working together to ensure that CCC customers receive only the very best construction products and services.

SOS Cincinnati Is Now Open

Congratulations to #System of Strength – Cincinnati for their Grand Opening of their newest facility at 4721 Red Bank Rd. As their G.C., CCC did all the interior construction on their space and we are so happy to have SOS as a tenant. We look forward to getting to better know the #SOS team and building a strong relationship with them in the coming years.

Did you know that CCC is the G.C. for many special projects, including tenant build outs? If you have a retail, restaurant or office and need a great contractor, contact us. We want to be your partner is developing a business for today and forever!

Your Experiences With CCC Matter

At CCC our goal is to be a great partner with every client. What they say about us matters. Here’s what John Geisen, Pres. of Izzy’s Inc., says about his experiences working with the CCC team.

“I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for John Westheimer and the entire team at Cincinnati Commercial Contracting. I have worked with CCC on two separate building projects up to this point. In 2010, I used CCC to develop my first location. I was pleased with the outcome of the project, so I used CCC again to develop and construct a second location.

Working with CCC has been a great experience! I’ve enjoyed partnering with them throughout the entire process. From planning and preparation, project execution, construction, and warranty, my involvement in working with CCC has been very positive.”

Thanks, John – we hope we work together again soon!

What A Client Said

We know that what our clients say about their experience with CCC is really important to future clients, and we’re happy to share this really wonderful letter from Greg Sweeney of Jake Sweeney Automotive.

Thank you, Greg. It is a pleasure working with you and the team at Jake Sweeney Automotive.