Thorough Preparation – Cincinnati Commercial Contracting

Thorough Preparation

Setting The Stage For Success

At CCC we know that communication is the key to every successful project. The first step is a pre-construction meeting with our client and our team. At that time, we review every anticipated aspect of the project, answer all our client’s questions, and leave with a clear understanding of the goals of the project and the requirement to achieve them.

Commercial Construction Is A Complex Process

Part of the CCC process is to review the key aspects of each construction project with our client. We develop the agenda in advance to make sure we cover everything with our client, including:

  • Introductions of the CCC team (Building Development & Sales Representative) and the client team.
  • Share contact information.
  • Review 3D/BIM/VR plans.
  • Review Pre-construction Agreement and rough estimate.
  • Discuss competitive bidding and value engineering processes.
  • Review of the construction contract.
  • Timeframe for payment and level of completion required for each.
  • Review design plans.
  • Review proposal.
  • Construction schedule.
  • Permits and responsible parties.
  • Construction sequence or staging.
  • Inspection plan.
  • Construction safety.
  • Site cleanup and closeout.

Time For Questions

For many customers, this may be the first, and possibly, the only commercial construction project that they will be part of. We want it to be a great experience! Our goal is to reduce our client’s stress and anxiety by answering all of their questions: there is no “stupid” question. If you have a question, we will answer it.