Custom Designed Solutions

From metal buildings to metal-over-metal re-roof solutions, CCC is proud to be your local single-source provider for Butler Manufacturing Company, the nation’s oldest and largest manufacturer of pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) systems. For more than 100 years, Butler has been engineering and manufacturing state-of-the-art solutions for nearly every building type and component. Butler offers quality products, lower construction costs, fast project completion, and the application of various architectural treatments that allows for customization of any Butler Building. As a Butler Career Builder®, we not only enjoy direct access to all of Butler Manufacturing’s premier PEMB and conventional building systems, but also a dedicated team of engineers who closely collaborate with us on every detail in the design of your building.

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Some of Our Metal Building & Re-roof Projects

Frank’s Heavy Collision

From Rags to Riches

22,230 SF Re-skin & Re-roof, Monroe, Ohio

The Owner of Frank’s Heavy Collision was in need of a new facility. He was exploring options to best suit his building, land and location needs. He came across one option in particular, that could suit his needs however, the building was in horrible condition, both internal and externally. CCC worked with the Owner of Frank’s Heavy Collision to repair the old, dilapidated and leaking industrial facility. This 22,220 SF re-skin and re-roof project occurred while the business was operating. The finished product provided him with a greatly increased property value along with high energy cost saving and a great work environment.   

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Century Mold

A 15 Year Partnership, CCC is in For The Long Haul

54,740 SF Building Addition, Middletown, Ohio

CCC was selected to build Century Mold’s original office and warehouse facility 15+ years ago in Middletown, Ohio.  This year, they again chose CCC to perform a 54,740 SF building addition and renovation project to expand and update the original facility. The CCC team was able to build this facility with little to no disruption to their business. The new warehouse space is a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) system.

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Metal Building Expertise

55,000 SF New Build, Hebron, Kentucky

When CCC was contacted by Whiting Turner, the General Contractor selected to oversee one of the Amazon Hub Building projects, how could we say no. This new, massive Amazon hub is situated on 600 acres at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. It is comprised of seven buildings. One of which, CCC was selected to build. CCC installed a 55,000 SF Butler pre-engineered metal building system to be used by Amazon as a GSE Storage Building. This building was constructed on an already congested and growing Amazon hub site.

Mauer USA

CCC saves you time and money

34,761 SF New Build, Hebron, Kentucky

Mauer USA needed to expand their exisiting HQ faciltiy situated in Hebron, Kentucky.  After listening to the Mauer USA team, Cincinnati Commercial Contracting proposed a Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) addition as the best solution to fit their needs. The result, a new 34,761 SF building to house warehouse space. It includes truck docks. This metal building design works seamlessly with the exterior of the existing building. This project was completed a full six weeks ahead of the anticipated delivery schedule. CCC is in the process of working on a second building renovation project with Mauer USA as we speak. 


The Proof is in the Pudding

210,000 SF Multiple Projects, Sharonville, Ohio

When CCC started to work with the City of Sharonville to develop a new industrial park on some of their unused federal land, USUI was one of the first customers onboard. In 2011, CCC completed construction on the original 127,000 SF office and manufacturing facility. Since that time, CCC worked with USUI to complete 5+ projects. In 2016, CCC performed a 73,570 SF building addition. The customer invited us back the following year in 2017 to undertake a clean room expansion project to consist of an additional 7,660 SF. In 2019, another clean room expansion was added to the existing facility. This one in the sum of 19,752 SF.  CCC continues to work with USUI on large and small projects alike. Their facility, which was originally 127,000 SF is now home to over 210,000 SF. As they’ve continued to grow, so has our  building and personal relationship. 

Basco Shower Enclosures

Repurposing Space

50,000 SF Building Addition, Mason, Ohio

When CCC started to work on this project, they had one purpose in mind. To create a more efficient and effective space for the customer to utilize. This 50,000 SF metal building addition project was performed to the Mason, Ohio location in order to provide the customer with more production and warehouse space, but that’s not all. This project also included some space renovation and conversion elements. CCC was able to transition 4,395 SF of existing production space into a new training area with a board room to enhance the customer’s business operation.  

Gilkey Window Company

Construction Solutions For You

11,662 SF New build, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Owner of Gilkey Window Company had two existing buildings that were sitting on different elevations, separated by land. He needed additional operations space for his growing fiberglass division. He worked with CCC to discuss options and a plan. CCC was able to install an 11,662 SF Butler® pre-engineered metal building to bridge a gap between two existing buildings on various elevations. This space was built with an internal ramp to provide easy access to the existing facilities. CCC was able to salvage and repair one of the existing buildings by completing a metal-over-metal re-roof project. CCC installed the MR-24.  Construction work was performed without hindering business or product manufacturing operations. 

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Durable Superior Caster

Outside of the Box 

50,000 SF New Build, Arlington, Texas

CCC has done several construction projects for Durable Superior Caster. The difference with this one, location. While we normally operate in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana area, this was a project performed in Arlington, Texas. A Butler MR-24 metal-over-metal system was used to repair this 57,000 SF industrial building. Our other projects that CCC has completed for Durable Superior Caster include a new 50,000 SF metal building project used to house a distribution center located in Monroe, Ohio, with a 36,000 SF metal building expansion that includes a 4,000 SF mezzanine.