CCC Special Projects

Improvement Projects and Retrofits

When it comes time for you to invest in your business, consider a company that will put you first.  Every project receives the respect and special attention that it deserves at CCC.  From factory upgrades to retail shops, salons, restaurants, medical and office renovations. Our expert construction management team provides thorough preparation, skilled workmanship and attention to every detail on each project.  You will receive over 40 years of experience.

So if you’re looking for an enjoyable construction process that will produce reliable results to ensure a safe and secure future for your team, then look no further.  CCC wants to help you achieve your goals.  Your success could not be more important to us.

CCC’s Special Projects Team

Every project is unique and significantly important to our clients. That’s why our goal is to develop a close working relationship with business owners so we better understand their needs and expectations in terms of a construction team. 

“Due to the nature of our business, medical aesthetics, we had a very specific vision for our office space. We wanted something unique, spa-like and comfortable.  John Westheimer and his team took our vision and brought it to life.  They understood what we wanted, had all the resources to implement it and transformed our space in a timely manner.  Both times!

– Chris A. Klueh
Owner, Pelle’ Medical Skincare

Justin Platt, CCC Principal/VP, heads up our Special Projects team working closely with Phil Beatty, who manages all of these projects. Both Justin and Phil bring exceptional client service and construction skills to every job.

We are sensitive to the needs of working within operational facilities and we would like to be part of your team as you grow.  If you’re looking for a long-term, cost-effective solution please contact CCC today.

Experience & Expertise

Cincinnati Commercial Construction as experience in the construction of a broad array of small business buildouts and renovations.

• Office Renovation• Factory Upgrades
• Specialized Health Care• Commercial Interiors
• Retail Interiors• Tenant Improvements
• Industrial Upgrades• Commercial Renovations
• Repairs• Retrofits

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