Pictures Tell The Story

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we agree. These before and after photos speak volumes about how a building – any building – can be transformed, reinvented and totally re-imagined. All it takes is vision, a great design team and a very talented construction team. The Gymnastics Center tasked CCC with this complete exterior and interior renovation, and the final result is amazing. Take a look for yourself!

Don’t let a less than perfect building at a great location stop you from creating your dream. Contact us to discuss your vision and we can discuss options.

After: The Gymnastics Center

Before: A Roller Rink

The Gymnastics Center

Interior of The Gymnastics Center

Cincinnati Commercial Contracting recently completed renovations to the exterior and interior of The Gymnastics Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The owner of this 11,000 square foot center tasked CCC with updating the appearance and function of the outside of the building as well as fully renovate the inside.

The building’s roof had extensive damage that was beyond repair. We installed a Butler MR24 re-roof system, including additional insulation. The entire exterior of the center was painted is a much needed upgrade.

New HVAC system, upgraded electric service and new high-efficiency LED light fixtures were installed to improve function.

New paint, carpet, an a new 1,050 square foot gymnastics training area and parent observation area and new multi-purpose room make this center come alive for gymnasts and parents alike.

See more photos of The Gymnastics Center here.

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Building for the Automotive Industry

For Cars, Trucks, Parts & Service

From automobile and truck dealerships to car, truck, RV or boat parts and service facilities, CCC puts you in the driver’s seat. Your business may demand highly specific design and build requirements to support a brand. You may have a vision all your own. Either way, the CCC team will meet you where you are, and build from there.

Peterbilt Truck Facility

As your construction partner and trusted advisor, CCC will simplify the construction process to ensure that it is an enjoyable and exciting experience. Your success is always the final target we aim to achieve.

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This Is No Ordinary Box

You’ve heard the saying “Think outside the box” but that does not apply to Climb Time Oakley. The exterior, a Butler metal building, is remarkable because of it’s strength and adaptability, and it was the perfect choice for Climb Time.

While the outside of the building may look a bit plain, the action is definitely all on the inside! The CCC team built a climbing paradise that will serve Climb Time for decades. We will be sharing more details including video soon.

*Butler Manufacturing has designated CCC as a Career Builder, a designation bestowed on Butler Builders that have demonstrated total competence in the areas of Marketing, Construction Capability, Professional Design Services, Sound Business Management, Adequate Financial Resources, High Local Reputation and Career Dedication. As a Career Builder, CCC shares an added responsibility with Butler Manufacturing, working together to ensure that CCC customers receive only the very best construction products and services.

SOS Cincinnati Is Now Open

Congratulations to #System of Strength – Cincinnati for their Grand Opening of their newest facility at 4721 Red Bank Rd. As their G.C., CCC did all the interior construction on their space and we are so happy to have SOS as a tenant. We look forward to getting to better know the #SOS team and building a strong relationship with them in the coming years.

Did you know that CCC is the G.C. for many special projects, including tenant build outs? If you have a retail, restaurant or office and need a great contractor, contact us. We want to be your partner is developing a business for today and forever!

Lean Kitchen Now Open

The Grand Opening of Lean Kitchen Company in Cincinnati was a grand success! Cincinnati Commercial Contracting worked with the Lean Kitchen team to find a great space and on the interior construction.

Glad you’ve joined us at our Red Bank Center. Please stop in to order fresh, delicious, health food. 4786 Red Bank Expressway, Cincinnati, OH