Reroof, Not Replacement Roof

Get A New Roof Without Disrupting Your Business

Cincinnati Commercial Contracting has the best solution for commercial facilities that need a new metal roof but cannot stop their own production. Reroof is a metal over metal “skin” that goes over the old, malfunctioning roof.

Most metal roofing repairs are temporary solutions at high costs both in terms of money and time. Our reroof and retrofit roof system is a long-term solution to common roofing issues, offering uncompromising coverage and support that is both practical and cost-efficient.

In most instances, our reroof and retrofit roof systems can be installed directly on top of your existing roof to allow business to operate as usual—you won’t lose production time or productivity. And with a variety of colors and options, we offer more flexibility and support from start to finish.

Reroof provides uncompromising coverage and support that is both practical and cost effective. CCC is a proud local single-source provider for Butler Manufacturing Company, the manufacturer of reroof.

MR-24® Roof System

installation of MR-24® Roof System

Leaks and faulty roofs are very costly. A leaky roof will damage products, interrupt work flow and generally disrupt business. When you consider what your time is worth, a building with a leaky roof at any cost will always cost more than a weather-tight structure. CCC believes the MR-24® Roof System from Butler is the best in the metal roof industry.

The Strength of the MR-24

There are two basic types of metal roofs: fasten-through (also known as screw-down roof), and standing seam.

The fasten-through roof is a metal roof that is screwed down to the roof structure using screws as mechanical fasteners. It has a lower cost than standing seam. But it also has the disadvantages of many small screw holes and limited expansion and contraction. More wear on the fasteners’ holes give rain and sun just the opening it needs.

The Butlerib II roof system, Butler‘s own fasten-through system, is the most highly engineered, highest quality fasten-through roof available. It uses slots for the screws to facilitate expansion and contraction. It is the only fasten-through roof that has the option of a weather-tightness warranty.

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