Metal Over Metal Reroof – The Long-term Solution

There are metal roofs on commercial buildings that are leaking, aging and have exceeded their service life.  If a metal roof is giving you trouble and you’d like to evaluate new productivity on an aging facility, please contact one of our sales experts today.

CCC offers a long-term solution to common roofing issues. Metal over metal provides uncompromising coverage and support that is both practical and cost effective.  If you’d like to learn more about the features, benefits and options of a metal-over-metal reroof or retrofit system, contact CCC today. We are proud to be your local single-source provider for Butler Manufacturing Company.

 “Our 200,000 square feet of roof problems were solved in only six weeks time, with absolutely no interference to our ongoing operations!”

Joe Rohs, CFO OKI Bering

Some of CCC’s Projects

CCC metal-over-metal reroof and retrofit projects include:

• AIM Surplus, Monroe, OH• OKI Bering, Cincinnati, OH
• Frank’s Collision Repair, Monroe, OH• Durable Caster, Arlington, TX
• Murry Realty Associates, Cincinnati, OH• Imperial Theatre, Cincinnati, OH

See more CCC Reroof Project photos here.