How to Ensure a Successful Building Outcome

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by Justin Platt

Building a new commercial or industrial building should be an enjoyable experience. After all, shouldn’t spending millions of dollars be a lot of fun? Building your dream – whether it’s an office, manufacturing plant, restaurant or store should be a dream come true. A chance to be more efficient, a better place to work, an upgraded image for your company? A happier you?

These goals should be the primary focus of every project. So let’s work together to make that happen! Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out a series of articles to provide you with the benefit of CCC’s 40+ years of experience, including “How to:”

  • Choose a team with a similar culture to yours.
  • Best spend your time to design your dream.
  • Choose where to compromise to achieve your cost goals.
  • Set the project up for success.
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare (and prepare some more).
  • Think about what can go wrong.
  • Communicate.
  • Stay involved, as a CEO or Project Manager.

Reach out to CCC with any questions you may have. We’d love to talk construction with you!

Is 2021 The Year Of Renovation For Your Business?

Seeing Is Believing

Renovating an existing building or facility takes vision, lots of vision. The CCC team takes outdated, too small, too boring buildings that lack form and function and reinvents them.

Often our clients don’t know how to begin to renovate their facility. It really starts with a conversation. We want to know what doesn’t work now and what you envision for the future. How will your building need to adapt in the next decade? Workflow for your employees, access points for customers and design esthetic all play important roles in designing your renovation.

Your Partner In Commercial Renovation

With over 40 years of commercial construction, Cincinnati Commercial Construction has the experience and expertise to re-imagine, re-design and renovate any facility. Our goal is to always give you the best advise to ensure your renovation is what your business needs.

“When I met with the CCC team I had a pretty good idea of what I thought I needed. The real nice thing was their team built on that knowledge and they educated me on several things that I was unaware of and they knew I would either need them right away or in the very near future. Well they were correct. I really appreciated them being forward thinkers and helping me through this process.

Jeff Lecklider

Gem City Tires

If your are considering a renovation, and would like to learn more about the process, contact CCC. And check out more CCC renovation projects here.

CCC Believes in Butler Buildings

Why choose a pre-engineered metal building?

The traditional advantages of metal building systems have been:

  • Design flexibility — particularly large column-free floor areas,
  • Consistent quality,
  • Speed of construction, and
  • Predictability of costs and completion schedules.

Architects, design professionals and owners have increasingly realized the efficiency in working with these systems. Architects lose none of their creative freedom in combining aesthetically attractive and functional metal systems with conventional building materials. Think of the metal system as a structural system. The exterior surfaces are often wood, stucco, stone, brick or masonry.

What are the advantages of the Butler Building System?

Butler is the inventor of pre-engineered building systems. Because of their continued focus and investment in Research/Development and Quality Control, Butler is the only company that truly assures quality results and after-sale responsiveness.

And because they are the only pre-engineered building company that has a large employee ownership, Butler has a true culture of quality and attention to detail. When you buy a Butler building from CCC, you know CCC and Butler stand behind their promises.

What Are Butler’s Quality Standards?

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Building Inviting Spaces

Hospitality Brochure photo

Client Focused, Results Driven

Restaurants and hotels build their business by creating a brand that stands for comfort, quality and customer service. The construction of your hotel or restaurant is the first thing that customers see. To create a great first impression, you need an experienced builder that knows how to partner with you in order to best achieve your needs. CCC understands that the long-term success of your business depends on efficiencies that are built into your project from the beginning.

Whether you have a design or theme for your facility or you must adhere to corporate brand guidelines for your business, you will receive the expertise necessary to make your new building stand out from the crowd. Your guests will see the difference as soon as they walk through your door.

Experience Counts

CCC is well-known for building commercial building including offices, industrial facilities and automotive dealerships. But did you know we also have built indoor sports facilities, recreation centers and fitness centers.

If you are looking for a contractor to build your new sports or recreation facility, we hope you consider Cincinnati Commercial Contracting. We will work with your team to ensure every detail is executed perfectly. That’s what your customers want; that what the CCC gives our clients every time.

See some of our projects here.

Building for the Automotive Industry

For Cars, Trucks, Parts & Service

From automobile and truck dealerships to car, truck, RV or boat parts and service facilities, CCC puts you in the driver’s seat. Your business may demand highly specific design and build requirements to support a brand. You may have a vision all your own. Either way, the CCC team will meet you where you are, and build from there.

Peterbilt Truck Facility

As your construction partner and trusted advisor, CCC will simplify the construction process to ensure that it is an enjoyable and exciting experience. Your success is always the final target we aim to achieve.

Learn more here.

Special Projects Division

When it comes time for you to invest in your business, consider a company that will put you first. Every project receives the respect and special attention that it deserves at CCC. From factory upgrades to retail shops, salons, restaurants, medical and office renovation; our expert construction management team provides thorough preparation, skilled workmanship and attention to every detail to each project. You will receive over 40 years of experience.

Learn more about CCC’s Special Projects Division here.