Flexible Re-roof Solutions From CCC Save You Time & Money

If the roof on your building is failing, there are options that go beyond typical roof replacement solutions.

For instance, you can save the cost of removal and disposal of existing roof materials by installing a new slope build-up roof system right over an old roof.

Photo of low profile metal over metal roof system

The stainless steel tabs used in the Low Profile Retrofit Metal over Metal System are more than 50% stronger than other galvanized standing seam tabs.

The Butler MR-24® roof system has a U.L. Class 90 wind uplift rating and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Guide Specification 07416 certification. Class 90 is the highest test level It requires four hours of subjection to simulated wind loads. The oscillation phase can cause a slow developing weakness and testing will reveal such weaknesses. Only the best assemblies can achieve a U.L. Wind Uplift Class 90.

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Virtual Reality Helps Reduce Your Risk

CCC created 3D/B.I.M. modeling of the recently completed Holiday Inn Express project.

We know 3D/B.I.M technology is the future of design and construction, and CCC is proud to be the first commercial construction company in our region to incorporate B.I.M. in each of our construction projects, at no additional cost to our customers. This very innovative tool is not commonly used in commercial construction today, and it clearly differentiates our process.

How B.I.M. Reduces Risks

In most cases, your architect gives you a set of blueprint that you hand over to your construction company. It is very difficult to identify potential inconsistencies or problems from blueprints. They most often are uncovered during construction, and that can cost you time and money.

CCC’s skilled B.I.M. technician take the typical two dimensional line drawings, your project’s blueprints, into a four dimensional/virtual reality renderings. We can uncover design issues before construction begins, and that eliminates change orders, errors and delays.

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