Flexible Re-roof Solutions From CCC Save You Time & Money

If the roof on your building is failing, there are options that go beyond typical roof replacement solutions.

For instance, you can save the cost of removal and disposal of existing roof materials by installing a new slope build-up roof system right over an old roof.

Photo of low profile metal over metal roof system

The stainless steel tabs used in the Low Profile Retrofit Metal over Metal System are more than 50% stronger than other galvanized standing seam tabs.

The Butler MR-24® roof system has a U.L. Class 90 wind uplift rating and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Guide Specification 07416 certification. Class 90 is the highest test level It requires four hours of subjection to simulated wind loads. The oscillation phase can cause a slow developing weakness and testing will reveal such weaknesses. Only the best assemblies can achieve a U.L. Wind Uplift Class 90.

Designed to easily accommodate complex roof geometries and simplify flashing designs, the VSR roof system handles architectural applications on roof slopes of 1/2:12 and greater, making it a perfect match for use with the Slope Build-Up Re-Roof System.

Butler® Slope Build-Up Re-Roof System

The Slope Build-Up Re-Roof System is a versatile retrofit structural solution designed to enable the efficient installation of two Butler exclusive standing seam roof systems over an existing flat roof or one with minimal existing slope.

The MR-24® Roof, a structural standing seam roof system designed for low-slope applications starting at l/4″ /12″, is installed on pre-punched structurals to maintain proper panel alignment and insure weather-tightness.

Photo of VSR-II Roof Panel
VSR-II Roof Panel

The system also accommodates the versatile VSR™ architectural roof system designed for higher slope applications where the roof plays a predominant role in the building’s appearance.