Is 2021 The Year Of Renovation For Your Business?

Seeing Is Believing

Renovating an existing building or facility takes vision, lots of vision. The CCC team takes outdated, too small, too boring buildings that lack form and function and reinvents them.

Often our clients don’t know how to begin to renovate their facility. It really starts with a conversation. We want to know what doesn’t work now and what you envision for the future. How will your building need to adapt in the next decade? Workflow for your employees, access points for customers and design esthetic all play important roles in designing your renovation.

Your Partner In Commercial Renovation

With over 40 years of commercial construction, Cincinnati Commercial Construction has the experience and expertise to re-imagine, re-design and renovate any facility. Our goal is to always give you the best advise to ensure your renovation is what your business needs.

“When I met with the CCC team I had a pretty good idea of what I thought I needed. The real nice thing was their team built on that knowledge and they educated me on several things that I was unaware of and they knew I would either need them right away or in the very near future. Well they were correct. I really appreciated them being forward thinkers and helping me through this process.

Jeff Lecklider

Gem City Tires

If your are considering a renovation, and would like to learn more about the process, contact CCC. And check out more CCC renovation projects here.