CCC & WRE: Two Companies Focused On Their Clients

photo of John Westheimer, Jason Manni and Justin Platt

It is official: CCC and Westheimer Real Estate (WRE) have successfully launched two divisions. CCC will be focused on commercial contracting while WRE will focus on commercial land for development and space for lease. The principals for both companies are working together to ensure a seamless experience for clients, vendors and sub-contractors. Their focus on clients remains the priority for both companies.

This has been a multi year succession plan for all three CCC principals.

“It’s a positive, incremental change,” said Westheimer. “The time is right now. Jason and Justin have the chance to really grow and prosper, and do what they do really, really well.”

Cincinnati Commercial Contracting’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. With the establishment of the Westheimer Real Estate Division, the team is poised to elevate its performance to new heights, embracing new challenges and celebrating new successes.

Learn more about WRE here.