Our Experience, Your Dream

Diane Crecelius, CEO and Founder of ABC Pediatric Therapy

Building a new home can be stressful. Multiple that by 100, and that’s how clients who have never built a commercial building can feel!

CCC understands that designing and constructing your first building can be daunting. So our approach is simple, we meet you where you are. Our job is to share information that can help you make sound decisions throughout the design build process. Maybe you need to find a great location and don’t know where to start. Or maybe you know what your end goal is but are not sure of what type of building or facility will best suit your business. Our 40 years of experience will help to guide the way.

When Diane Crecelius, CEO and Founder of ABC Pediatric Therapy decided to start her own practice she knew nothing about commercial construction.

“How do you go about building a building? To research & put together a quality building at what I could afford…John at CCC heard me. CCC made me feel so special.”

From her first meeting with CCC’s John Westheimer she knew she’d found the team who would help her through every step of the design build process, and we did.

We don’t just build buildings. We build relationships. That’s the kind of value we bring to every project. Thank you, Diane, for trusting us to help you build your dream.