Your Experiences With CCC Matter

At CCC our goal is to be a great partner with every client. What they say about us matters. Here’s what John Geisen, Pres. of Izzy’s Inc., says about his experiences working with the CCC team.

“I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for John Westheimer and the entire team at Cincinnati Commercial Contracting. I have worked with CCC on two separate building projects up to this point. In 2010, I used CCC to develop my first location. I was pleased with the outcome of the project, so I used CCC again to develop and construct a second location.

Working with CCC has been a great experience! I’ve enjoyed partnering with them throughout the entire process. From planning and preparation, project execution, construction, and warranty, my involvement in working with CCC has been very positive.”

Thanks, John – we hope we work together again soon!