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Our Experience, Your Dream

Diane Crecelius, CEO and Founder of ABC Pediatric Therapy

Building a new home can be stressful. Multiple that by 100, and that’s how clients who have never built a commercial building can feel!

CCC understands that designing and constructing your first building can be daunting. So our approach is simple, we meet you where you are. Our job is to share information that can help you make sound decisions throughout the design build process. Maybe you need to find a great location and don’t know where to start. Or maybe you know what your end goal is but are not sure of what type of building or facility will best suit your business. Our 40 years of experience will help to guide the way.

When Diane Crecelius, CEO and Founder of ABC Pediatric Therapy decided to start her own practice she knew nothing about commercial construction.

“How do you go about building a building? To research & put together a quality building at what I could afford…John at CCC heard me. CCC made me feel so special.”

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CCC Has Space Available for Lease in Greater Cincinnati Area

Map showing available spaces for lease
Spaces for Lease Around Cincinnati

We Own & Lease Properties

CCC has properties available for lease throughout the Greater Cincinnati Ohio area including:
• Cincinnati
• Monroe
• Middletown

John Westheimer and the CCC team can help guide your company to the best location for your business. Retail, restaurant, medical, office, warehouse – Cincinnati Commercial Contracting offers excellent spaces for nearly every business type.

And because we manage our own properties, you can be assured that your landlord cares. The CCC team consistently evaluates the condition of all our properties to ensure our investment in them, and our leasees, is sound. We believe that when we take care of our properties, you can focus on successfully running your business.

Flexible Re-roof Solutions From CCC Save You Time & Money

If the roof on your building is failing, there are options that go beyond typical roof replacement solutions.

For instance, you can save the cost of removal and disposal of existing roof materials by installing a new slope build-up roof system right over an old roof.

Photo of low profile metal over metal roof system

The stainless steel tabs used in the Low Profile Retrofit Metal over Metal System are more than 50% stronger than other galvanized standing seam tabs.

The Butler MR-24® roof system has a U.L. Class 90 wind uplift rating and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Guide Specification 07416 certification. Class 90 is the highest test level It requires four hours of subjection to simulated wind loads. The oscillation phase can cause a slow developing weakness and testing will reveal such weaknesses. Only the best assemblies can achieve a U.L. Wind Uplift Class 90.

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Commercial Construction, and More

Our name, Cincinnati Commercial Contracting, doesn’t tell the full story of the services our company offers clients. We are a leader in commercial construction in our region with projects in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. But did you know that we also are a real estate developer, and that we own and manage multiple retail, industrial and office complexes? 

CCC has been purchasing, developing and selling real estate for 40 years. We know the market, we know the neighborhoods and we understand that the right location is the first step to your success. Getting honest advice is important, and our real estate experts can help guide you during your search for the perfect location. 

One local community that CCC believes will be a growth area for commercial development is Middletown, OH. We currently have 46.25 acres available at our Made Industrial Drive property. With 60% of the U.S. population within a two-day commercial drive, this property is only five miles from I-75 plus rail is available. With affordable housing and a robust labor force available, Middletown is a must-see for any company that wants to build an industrial, manufacturing or warehouse facility.

Virtual Reality Helps Reduce Your Risk

CCC created 3D/B.I.M. modeling of the recently completed Holiday Inn Express project.

We know 3D/B.I.M technology is the future of design and construction, and CCC is proud to be the first commercial construction company in our region to incorporate B.I.M. in each of our construction projects, at no additional cost to our customers. This very innovative tool is not commonly used in commercial construction today, and it clearly differentiates our process.

How B.I.M. Reduces Risks

In most cases, your architect gives you a set of blueprint that you hand over to your construction company. It is very difficult to identify potential inconsistencies or problems from blueprints. They most often are uncovered during construction, and that can cost you time and money.

CCC’s skilled B.I.M. technician take the typical two dimensional line drawings, your project’s blueprints, into a four dimensional/virtual reality renderings. We can uncover design issues before construction begins, and that eliminates change orders, errors and delays.

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CCC Selected As Contractor For The Modal Shop

The Modal Shop Is The First Company In AeroHub Innovation District

A growing firm that provides structural vibration and acoustic sensing systems and services will be the first company to locate in Evendale’s AeroHub Innovation District.

The Modal Shop has broken ground on a 40,000-square-foot facility on the south side of Glendale Milford Road. The company purchased more than 5.1 acres of land to combine its operations from two leased spaces.

Cincinnati Commercial Contracting is the general contractor for the facility, with KBA Inc.

The first phase will have 15,000 square feet of space for manufacturing and warehousing. The remaining 25,000 square feet will house engineering, sales and administration. Boeing said that unique split of space made it difficult to find an existing building for its operations.

Cincinnati Business Courier recently published an article about this project. Read the article here.

CCC Tapped for Peterbilt New Build & Renovation Project

Cincinnati Commercial Contracting was selected by the TLG Peterbilt Dealership of Cincinnati for the design-build construction of two new building additions to the existing facility. The Office Building will add 27,858 square feet, and the Service Building will add 19,799 square feet to the Peterbilt dealership campus.

The site will remain close to the same basic overall layout. However, the flow of the service vehicles, new and used vehicles, and customer traffic spaces will be changed with new pavement striping for parking spots and vehicular traffic.

The Office Building will provide offices for all current employees, as well as future growth. The office Building has been designed with the intent to provide a welcoming environment for employees and customers. The design incorporates a large casual seating/open sales area. This area will also feature a large wall space for TLG Peterbilt to showcase their company history. A large Parts Showroom has been design to provide adequate space for merchandise and displays. This space will have a higher roof than the adjacent structure, with clerestory window on three side to provide as much natural light as possible. A truck dock has been included in the design of this building to provide a safer means of unloading deliveries into the Parts Warehouse.

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