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MR-24® Roof System

Leaks and faulty roofs are very costly. A leaky roof will damage products, interrupt work flow and generally disrupt business. When you consider what your time is worth, a building with a leaky roof at any cost will always cost more than a weather-tight structure. CCC believes the MR-24® Roof Sytem from Butler is the best in the metal roof industry.

The Strength of the MR-24

There are two basic types of metal roofs: fasten-through (also known as screw-down roof), and standing seam.

The fasten-through roof is a metal roof that is screwed down to the roof structure using screws as mechanical fasteners. It has a lower cost than standing seam. But it also has the disadvantages of many small screw holes and limited expansion and contraction. More wear on the fasteners’ holes give rain and sun just the opening it needs.

The Butlerib II roof system, Butler‘s own fasten-through system, is the most highly engineered, highest quality fasten-through roof available. It uses slots for the screws to facilitate expansion and contraction. It is the only fasten-through roof that has the option of a weather-tightness warranty.

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CCC Tapped for Peterbilt New Build & Renovation Project

Cincinnati Commercial Contracting was selected by the TLG Peterbilt Dealership of Cincinnati for the design-build construction of two new building additions to the existing facility. The Office Building will add 27,858 square feet, and the Service Building will add 19,799 square feet to the Peterbilt dealership campus.

The site will remain close to the same basic overall layout. However, the flow of the service vehicles, new and used vehicles, and customer traffic spaces will be changed with new pavement striping for parking spots and vehicular traffic.

The Office Building will provide offices for all current employees, as well as future growth. The office Building has been designed with the intent to provide a welcoming environment for employees and customers. The design incorporates a large casual seating/open sales area. This area will also feature a large wall space for TLG Peterbilt to showcase their company history. A large Parts Showroom has been design to provide adequate space for merchandise and displays. This space will have a higher roof than the adjacent structure, with clerestory window on three side to provide as much natural light as possible. A truck dock has been included in the design of this building to provide a safer means of unloading deliveries into the Parts Warehouse.

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CCC Recognized By Butler Manufacturing

John Westheimer and the Cincinnati Commercial Contracting team received the 2018 High Performance and Million Dollar Builder award from Butler Manufacturing.

Cincinnati Commercial Contracting recently received the 2018 High Performance and Million Dollar Builder Awards from Butler Manufacturing. CCC has successfully built Butler buildings for its customers for more than a decade, and has been recognized by Butler multiple times for the quality of its work.

Butler has designated CCC as a Career Builder, a designation bestowed on Butler Builders that have demonstrated total competence in the areas of Marketing, Construction Capability, Professional Design Services, Sound Business Management, Adequate Financial Resources, High Local Reputation and Career Dedication. As a Career Builder, CCC shares an added responsibility with Butler Manufacturing, working together to ensure that CCC customers receive only the very best construction products and services.

We are proud to be recognized once again by Butler Manufacturing.